Ex Factory Creative Graphic Design & Production

Ex Factory Creative is a graphic design and production studio run by Lana Blinderman. I help artists and cultural organizations to get their art and programs in front of the public.


Graphic design:
Print and web images to make your audiences stop and take notice

Printer quotes, file preparation, prepress and press checks

My Clients

My clients are creators and promoters of art and culture. This includes arts organizations (municipal art commissions, galleries, artist co-ops, theaters, film festivals,) event organizers and promoters (non-profits hosting a musician-in-residence, continuing education programs offering a series of courses,) and individual artists (visual artists promoting a gallery show, musicians needing album covers and web banners.)

You get the idea: if it has to do with bringing art to the public, I can most likely do it.

I Work with Clients Who:

– value my contributions and respect my expertise
– trust me to do my job
– treat me as a strategist and a trusted collaborator in their success
– communicate their project clearly upfront – communicate timely throughout the whole design process
– have a clear and defined method of reviewing design drafts and making decisions
– pay promptly based on the terms of the contract
– praise the shit out of my work in front of other potential clients after I have completed a successful project for them


I Don’t Work with Clients Who:

– treat the designer as a pixel-pusher
– try to micromanage the process
– communicate their needs poorly upfront but later “see what they are looking for when they see it”
– take a long time to answer emails
– haggle about the price of design
– solicit feedback on my design drafts from a whole damn committee of people, including their family and social media friends (this is very bad)
– take forever to pay
– are stingy with praise and referrals

Don’t be like them.


Why Work with Me

Three words: passion, experience, immersion

I love design. I started on this path later in life than an average working designer, because I finally saw clearly that this was the career for me. Then I worked extremely hard to get myself through design school, although it was also one of the best times of my life.

What I bring to the design process is divergent thinking, social responsibility and desire to practice new techniques. This means you will get a design product that is inspired, well thought out, and sure to grab attention of your target audience – both with concept and technical execution.

My experience includes designing almost exclusively for arts and culture as a freelancer and in-house designer. I am also a fine artist, immersed in Seattle’s arts community, which gives me an insider perspective on arts and their audiences.

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