Spam Poetry

I get so much spam in my inbox, and some of it is so absurd, that I had to figure out a way to put it to use. I started a project called Classy Spam Poetry, where I take words from email spam and artfully impose them on photos of trash and debris. Curious? Follow @classy_spam_poetry on Instagram.

Visual + Poetry

This is a collaboration with poet Kevin Boćek, in which we respond to each other’s art. Either I send Kevin a photograph, and he writes a poem in response, or Kevin sends me a poem, and I create photographs in response. The resulting dialog is printed and added to a long scroll mounted on the wall at Blue Cone Studios on Capitol Hill in Seattle. I will post this collaboration here or on Instagram in the future, but for now, the scroll is only accessible to Capitol Hill Art Walk patrons and other visitors of Blue Cone Studios.