About my Photography:

Coming of age in a big city, I am an urban photographer through and through. Unless on a road trip, my photography is all about living in the city, loving the city, and discovering the curiosities and absurdities of the city. My home base is the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, so naturally, Capitol Hill features most prominently in my work.

One of the aims of my photography is to show how beautiful, livable and fascinating my city is, and how worthy of protecting. One stroll through the neighborhood – or anywhere in Seattle, really – and it is easy to see how rapacious and uninspired most new construction has been. I add my voice, however small, to the causes of affordability and architectural preservation, so that creative and working class people can continue living on the Hill, and for architectural character, so that old buildings remain viable and new ones are built beautifully and well.

My tools of choice: iPhone 7 Plus, Nikon FM2, Pentax 67.

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