Shuttered Neighborhood in Squire Park on Yodica Vega 400

A whole area behind Washington Hall in Seattle’s Squire Park neighborhood was shuttered, partly burned down, and slated for demolition in late 2019 – early 2020. Squire Park is part of the Central District, and this particular area occupies the rectangle between 12th Ave, East Spruce St, 14th Ave and East Fir Street. I don’t know the backstory. I knew that part of the area was up for redevelopment, and I went to explore before it was gone for good. What I discovered were numerous houses and church buildings, all covered with graffiti and some damaged by fire.

This page covers my documentation of the area on Yodica Vega 400, an experimental 35 mm film. Check out my more detailed essay about the same place, shot digitally, coming soon to my Urban Wandering page.