In the Footsteps of the Dead

…The Grateful Dead! Advertising Collateral for Shabbat in Ballard

Client: Temple De Hirsch Sinai (in house)
Project Description: advertising collateral promoting a summer Shabbat service in the Golden Gardens Park in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood
Year: 2016
Media: print, web, email
Collateral: poster 11×17″, flyer/mailer 5.5×8.5″, web/e-poster/print banner, e-signature, invitation letter & envelope, prayer book cover 5.5×8.5″, food truck meal ticket 2.75×4.25″
Skills & competencies: vector illustration, graphic design & layout, typography, in-house print production, VDP & bulk mail processing, image adaptation & optimization for print, web & email
Thoughts: Did you know that The Grateful Dead played in the Golden Gardens park? I found out while doing research for this project. It never takes long to convince me to create something in the Summer of Love psychedelic/Art Nouveau crossover style, and this was a perfect opportunity to play up this connection.